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Little Rock 2016 State Photo

NACAA AM/PIC in Little Rock, Arkansas July 2016

A great group of folks to travel and hang out with at

the National Association of County

Agents Association Conference

What is WEASA? – Washington Extension Agents and Specialists Association –

Open to: “Any Washington State University Extension agent, specialist, faculty member, district director, state program leader, program assistant, coordinator, or Extension Educator employed by the state or county may become a member of this association without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin.”Sign up now! This is a great way to add Scholarship and Recognition to your Vita (CV). Network with agents and specialists from across the US.

Want to know more about the association? Check out our current members and visit with them about the benefits of membership.

NACAA – National Association of County Agriculture Agents – Open to: WEASA members may opt to join the NACAA (our national affiliate)

Consider this your official invitation to join our state professional organization. The attached brochures highlight membership benefits for both associations.


NACAA publishes “The County Agent,” four times a year that shares the most recent activities of the association. They also have the “Journal of NACAA,” that hosts the opportunity for publishing articles on a national level.


Please contact me, Debbie Moberg-Williams email or current president, Steve Van Vleet email, if you have any questions

Fill out the attached Membership Form 2017 and send in asap!


Plans for the 2017 WEASA Spring Tour are underway! This year we will be venturing in the SW Region of our state. For now pencil in the week of April 10th. Details will be forthcoming!

Click here for a few photos of the 2016 Spring Tour in the Walla Walla area.


Plan to attend: National Conference (NACAA) AM/PIC on July 9-13, 2017 – Salt Lake City, UT

Attending the AM/PIC is a great way to build the scholarship component of your vita, network with colleagues and engage in professional improvement.  Consider attending the Western Region AM/PIC in the coming year.


Western Region AM/PIC in Hawaii presenters and posters from Washington State.  Mahalo to our hosts for this event. It was outstanding. Fantastic posters and speakers with interesting presentations. Followed by a well thought out all day farm tour that included the Greenwell Coffee Farm, NEHLA, the Cloud Forest and much more! 


2016 NACAA WSU Award Winners!


Your WSU – NACAA 2015-2016 (National) Committee Members

Steve Van Vleet, Sustainable Agriculture – Western Region Vice Chair and National Chair

Don McMoran, Agricultural Issues and Public Relations – Western Region  Vice Chair

Mark Heitstuman, Communications – Western Region Vice Chair

Sheila Gray, Scholarship, Western Region Vice Chair

Doug Warnock, Life Member- Western Region Vice Chair

Susan Kerr, Teaching and Educational Technologies – Western Region Vice Chair


Your WEASA (State) Leadership Team

Steve M. Van Vleet,, President,

Regional Extension Specialist Agriculture & Natural Resources, Whitman County


Don McMoran,, President-Elect

County Director, Agriculture & Natural Resources Ext Educator, Skagit County


Sheila Gray,, Secretary

County Director & CED/ANR/4H Extension Educator,

Lewis County


Debbie Williams,, Treasurer

County Director,Youth and Family Programs, Walla Walla County


Aaron D Esser,, Past President

County Director, Agriculture & Natural Resources Extension Educator,

Grant County


WEASA Directors

  • Susan Kerr, Eastside, >5 years

  • Janet Schmidt, Eastside , >5 years

  • Mark Heitstuman, Eastside, >5 years

  • Tim Waters, Eastside, <5 years

  • Paul Carter, Eastside,<5 years

  • Todd Murray, Westside,>5 years

  • Don McMoran, Westside,>5 years

  • Sheila Gray, Westside, >5 years

 State Committee Chairs

NACAA Western Region Vice Chairs

Would you like some extra funds to travel to a professional development conference?

Are you enrolled in an advanced degree, and your employer doesn’t pay 100% of the costs?

Boy do we have good news for you!  However, time is quickly passing us by, and the June 1 deadline for NACAA scholarships is almost here!  I’d like to encourage the membership to take advantage of this great opportunity.  Here are some quick details:
***Also, please don’t forget about the requirement to be vested in the Scholarship Program by the close of the AM/PIC the year before you intend to apply. To apply for a scholarship in 2017, you must be vested by the end of the 2016 Little Rock AM/PIC (July 28). More information on becoming vested. 
One great way to become vested is to participate in the scholarship auction at AM/PIC.  If you donate an item, you will receive credit for the selling price of the item.  Don’t forget to bring items (and your checkbook/credit card, too) to Little Rock for the Scholarship Auction!  If you are not able to attend, please consider asking a colleague to transport an item for you! 
If you have any questions about the scholarship program or the application process, please contact your regional vice-chair or myself.
Dwane L. Miller,
NACAA Scholarship Chair

NACAA Scholarship and Awards

Plan ahead!  Before we know, the Awards Edition of The County Agent will be in your email inbox or on your desk!  We have very impressive Extension Programs being conducted throughout the region characterized by quality and creativity.  Submit to give a presentation, poster or apply for an award.  Let you great work be recognized!  Block out some time now to make an application or write an article for submission to the Journal of NACAA.  Note that the awards deadline is March 15.  Be a good steward to yourself and make an application!   If you are interested in a scholarship, that deadline is June 1.

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